Happy Potty Training Day;)

'im a big girl now' - Picture of a little girl on the potty reading a book
United States
July 19, 2008 12:18pm CST
Never thought I'd see the day, cannot even express the satisfaction I feel to see the day. My first daughter, 3 1/2 is potty-trained and now my youngest who turns 2 the 23rd of August has managed to climb up on the 'big-girl' potty without mommys help and go potty. I come in to wipe her and I was just ready to cry because its like these things sneak up on you. The work of diapers is behind me and now I can kiss the sky!!! Its sad at the same time because its like, well no more bottle cleaning, no more potty, no more little clothes....man--it went that fast, my baby's are growing up and its a little scary but at the same time you feel like you have finally finished a running marathon it was so exhausting at times. How did you feel that day your daughter stopped needing diapers?
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