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July 19, 2008 8:48pm CST
when i study A level , i think O level so easy. now i m study degree, i think the A and O level is nothing. Then, now i m thinking. If my child is form 1-form 3, i shall teach them form 4- form 5 thing, so that they will think for 1- form 3 subjects are easy and helps them to score well. Do u think it is work?
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• Malaysia
20 Jul 08
That depends. If they have that motivation and they are good with their studies then it is good. If your kids aren't up for that kind of challenge then don't do so or their studies could be worser if they struggle between the two levels. Be sure that what your kids study are acceptable by the school's curiculum. I still remember the time when my paper was marked wrong for using a different method of deriving the answer because my method was outside that of the curriculum. I have also help my friends with some of their work back then and some of them are not prepared for something extra. They become confused with the extra stuff that I tell them.
• Malaysia
21 Jul 08
ya.. thanks for ur sincerly comment. well.. Pressure is good,but too stressing them,i scare -ve effect on them s well.k... i shouldnt force them to accept what is not on their level of understanding.