I have made 50 dollars for one survey and got 20 dollars in the mail today.

United States
July 20, 2008 1:40am CST
I have been doing surveys on the internet for a little over a year. I have gotten some in the mail and some by telephone. Last month I got a survey asking me some questions about how I felt when I was at home and how I felt when I was at work. Then the person on the phone asked me if I would be willing to answer a survey that would take 45 minutes on the phone and they would pay me 50 dollars. I said heck yes. I made the appointment for my return call. The appointment was made for three weeks in advance. The following week I got a packet in the mail with a ruler, a booklet with severing sizes and a check for 50 dollars. The check went straight to the bank. I took the survey and earned my 50 dollars, I was on the phone answering questions for 45 minutes. I got to keep the ruler and the chart with food severing sizes. I have continued to do surveys on the computer. I go an email to participate in a survey that would last a year. It is one on investments. The person who set up the survey gave me 362 fake dollars to divide into four different types of investments. I then get an email once a week to tell me if I have made money or lost money. The investments are bonds, stocks, money market and an index fund. If you log on once a week for 52 weeks you get an extra 52 dollars. If your investments make money then you get 362 dollars + 52 dollars at the end of the year + a 20 dollars sign up bonus. I got my 20 dollar sign up bonus today in the mail. It have been researching these types of investments and learning about them. So far I have made 1.32 dollars. I did lose some money the first week. In the bonds I lost a few percentages but I think I will let it go and watch and see what will happen. I can change my percentage of money alloted to each category each week.I am sure they are looking to see if people change their allotments when they start losing money or if they wait and see what happens. I have the bulk of my fake dollars in the money market. I have made the most money there so far.Time will tell what happens. So far this year I have made over 100 dollars on surveys. Has anyone else else made 50 dollars or mor on one survey? What type of surveys are you doing? Do you like to make the little extra money doing surveys?