how much will i spend in travelling the world?

@zeny_zion (1284)
July 20, 2008 3:41am CST
i havent tried it. i dont have an idea on how much will i need to do that. i only did asian travel. will you tell me?im interested to save more for travelling. i love travelling. it makes me feel good and met a lot of people.
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• Isle Of Man
20 Jul 08
if you are travelling from the Philippines carrying a filipino passport you need to consider the visas that you need to be able to enter your country of destination, if i were you i wont do it in one go, because holidays could be very tiring, most of the time i feel like i need another holiday after a holiday, if you know what i mean... if i were you, i'll go to europe then go back home and prepare for another holiday to america on another time then caribbean on yet another holiday after sometime. it doesn't have to be a holiday of a lifetime ... you could make having a regular holiday a part of your lifestyle atleast that's what we are trying to do... it's the culture here in the UK for people to go out of the country once or twice a year (sometimes more) for a holiday. schengen countries normally give 1-4 months visa if you are coming from here (UK) but apparently if you are from the Philippines and you plan to visit Paris you'll only be given a month stay, so consider your country of entry, anyway it doesn't have to be the first country you want to visit, you could secure a visa from the country you plan to stay the longest... italy is quite generous they gave us 4 months on our first visit and i think 4 1/2 months on our 2nd visit. France gave us 3 months visa when we went for a holiday in paris. if you dont want to bother w/ visas' try switzerland because filipinos can go there w/o a visa. if i were you i'll go for australia first after asia, go to your nearest neighbors first before you plan to go to the other side of the world... because it normally takes me 3 days to recover from a long trip like coming back from the Philippines so you need to consider things like jetlog, time difference, weather and loads more... dubai is a good destination too... i'm thinking on stopping in dubai for a few days the next time we go home to the Philippines. happy trip... and enjoy!
• Isle Of Man
20 Jul 08
hehehe i forgot you were asking for the price... there are some good value package holidays you can search online... i dont know how much would it be coming from the Philippines but from here you can go to Paris for £120 3days 2night bed and breakfast returnflight included (this was 2003 price)you could always tell the agent to extend your return flight because you plan to go somewhere out of paris for a week or two. we booked this holiday 3 months before departure. we did the same thing when we went to italy, both times we asked the agent to extend our return flight when we were booking it. and thats not a problem to them... to go to rome in 2005 it cost us £200/head for a 4day 3night BB return flight included so you only have to worry about you side trips ... we booked this holiday 10 months before departure.
@geekyjock (371)
• Philippines
13 Sep 08
I think in a "practical" way if you will fly for the cheapest flights, stay on hostels, ride buses and trains, and eat not in fancy restaurants. I think it is safe to say you need little more than a $200,000 or more if you're saying "world" because more or less you will spend more or less than $1000 on a country. But there are thousands of destinations in the world and it seems impossible for me now to travel the whole world but I'm happy and fortunate to have travelled on some countries I've never imagined I'll be going. But I'm not planning to travel the "whole" world because I know I can't afford it.
@maximax8 (28875)
• United Kingdom
20 Jul 08
The cost of the airline ticket around the world depends on the airlines used, the routes and the time of year of departure. My round the world ticket on Virgin Atlantic, Pacific Air and Qantas cost just over £1000 leaving in February 1993. I stayed away for just over one year. Travel insurance for that length of time and visiting North America might have cost over £500. I got a youth hostel memberships, a working holiday visa for Australia and I took good guide books orientated towards budget travel. My journey was London-LosAngeles-Hawaii-Fiji-Sydney-Adelaide- Cairns-Darwin-Singapore-London. I did a side trip to Indonesia and Malaysia. I rented my home out and did work in Australia to add to my travel funds. Some countries lend themselves more to budget travelers than others. Africa, Asia, Central America and South America have some countries where costs are low. North America and Europe have some countries that are really expensive like Norway. Countries like Australia and New Zealand have backpacker hostels and transport passes available. Good luck with your travel plans.