How many cowlicks do you have?

July 20, 2008 5:12am CST
You know the pattern formed by your hair growth which forms a spiral pattern on your head... I have one. My daughter has two. They are counter rotating spirals which forms a nice heart shape. My sister's son also has two. My cousin has three! I wonder how many cowlicks can one have! Tell me how many you have. Maybe you know someone with more. Tell the story too..
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@brimia (6584)
• United States
20 Jul 08
I think I just have one at the front of my hairline. I can never have nice straight bangs that stay flat like a lot of stars have (Katie Holmes, Reese Witherspoon) so I've given up that dream and just grew them out. :-)
• Singapore
20 Jul 08
I know what you mean. I have seen such cowlicks and I think it's difficult to get your hair to comb in a particular way. I heard someone trained his cowlicks to go a certain way. I wonder if that could be possible LOL...
@neilchua (888)
• Philippines
20 Jul 08
hi sydneyhazelton. first of all, the reason why responded to this discussion is because i was intrigue. i don't know what cowlicks are. lol. well after reading your discussion i realized what you meant. well i only have one cowlick. i believe there are some who has 3. that's the most i know. well my mom told me once that cowlicks reflect how naughty or headstrong a person is. the more, the naughtier or headstrong. don't know if that is true. have a good day:)
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• Singapore
20 Jul 08
Yup! My cousin has three. He is about 6 years old now, his mom can't seem to comb his hair any style. His hair will just jut out into the air. He has his hair in a mob style, hoping that the hair will come down and cover all the unruly hair. I never heard of that myth before, about naughty and headstrong thingy. I wonder what other myths surround cowlicks, that would be interesting to know.