can you buy everything from money?

@zeny_zion (1284)
July 20, 2008 9:01am CST
for me, nope. you cant buy peace from money. even true love you cant. just the material thing. if you wan to shop you can use money even travel. but thats it!
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• China
20 Jul 08
There're a lot of things that you can't buy with money like love, affection, happiness, just to name a few.
@shay3434 (882)
• Israel
20 Jul 08
Hello! Ofcourse you can't buy anything with money. There are lots of things money can't buy like: love, family, health, true friends. You can see that there are many wealthy people in the world who don't have these things. Money can buy you material things but it can't buy you feelings and emotions. This is why you can see that not all reach people are very happy. Money can also make you be worried and unheapy. I don't say money is a bad thing. I think all of us want to have enough money but there more important things in the world like love, family and health. Have a good day!
@andben (1076)
• Italy
20 Jul 08
I agree with you. I can't buy everything using money. There are many things you can't simply buy.
• United States
20 Jul 08
You can't buy things from money. You buy things with money. You can't buy peace, happiness, and love with money. There is only one kind of love you can buy, but I think you guys all know what I mean.
@Wolfechu (1193)
• United States
20 Jul 08
You must be shopping in the wrong places.