Break It Down Again

Tears for Fears - A photo of the duo Tears for Fears
July 20, 2008 9:56am CST
Tears for Fear's Break It Down Again Okayy, so I hum this song in my head again. Unbidden. But I love this song nonetheless because of its lyrics. My favourite part would have to be when Orzabal sings: [b]It's in the way youre always hiding from the light Fast off to heaven just like Moses on a motorbike No revolution, maybe someone, somewhere else Could show you something new to help you With the ups and downs[/b] The rest of it does make you ponder and go uh huh: [i]No sleep for dreaming, say the architects of life Big bouncing babies, bread and butter can I have a slice They make no mention of the beauty of decay Blue, yellow, pink umbrella save it for a rainy day And all the love and all the love in the world Wont stop the rain from falling Waste seeping underground I want to break it down Horsin around Pray to power Play to the crowd with your big hit sound And they won't simmer won't simmer, won't simmer down Play to the crowd[/i] I've read several reviews about how this is about the Orzabal and Smith being gay. *rolls eyes* I don't know much but does everything really have to be about that?? I'm rather inclined to believe the one who said this was about the band breakup.
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