What do you think you will do in an emergency?

@lijiahui (187)
July 20, 2008 10:20am CST
We never know what we will exactly do when facing an emergency,but we can imagine,right? By way of the movies we have seen or the stories we have heard,we may think we can deal with emergencies rationally just as what the heroes do in movies or stories.For many times, i ask myself:how will i perform in face of sudden situation? What will i do when i see that a boy is to be hit by a coming car?would i be albe to make a quick move and rush to save him? What if i encounter a drowning man crying for help?would i be brave enough to jump into the water and come to his aid? All these are quetions that can not meet their answers now. What do you think you will possibly do when facing emergencies?
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