if u have to choose ?

July 20, 2008 10:39am CST
if u have to choose one in two case: pay at least and get a sure profit ,but small or pay much and get a great profit ,but u get more risk ? I choose the second .I am young and nothing prevent me on the way to final destination.
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• Canada
21 Jul 08
If I knew that what I was doing was a good investment I would not mind spending a large amoung of money, but if I knew it was a great risk, I'd want to play it extremely safe, and only sped a little it of money. I wouldn't want to end up losing my lie savings o something that didn't work out, but I woudln't wa to miss the opportunity either. It's better to play i safe. I am young too, and that means I have a long life to lie with nothing, if I lose.
• Vietnam
21 Jul 08
it mean u choose the first .Thank for response