Holidays around the world!

July 20, 2008 2:48pm CST
How do you pick your holidays? If you're married or in a relationship do you take it in turns to choose the destination or does one of you pick it each year? Also do you try and go somewhere different every year or do you go to the same place each year becuase you've been before and know you'll like it? I personally like to try a variety of places so then I can experience differnt things and hope to eventually have been able to travel to lots and lots of different countries!
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@maximax8 (27046)
21 Jul 08
When I was married we took it in turns to choose a destination. We both loved travel and had similar ideas about the sort of activities and accommodation that we liked. Before we had met we had both done much traveling. However we did get divorced. Then I had a boyfriend that liked traveling but the problem was he only liked accommodation that was of a very high standard. We went to the Seychelles and he was upset at the standard of a guest house. I thought it was fine but he took a walk that night, too scared to sleep. We found alternative accommodation and spent so much that we nearly ran out of money. We split up and since him I haven't dated anyone that loves travel as much as me. These days I travel with my toddler son and so I am free to choose our destination. I like to tour around independently, using local trains and buses. We stay in guest houses and typically stay in five or six different places in one trip. I have many countries on my travel wish list and I hope to see as many of them as possible.
24 Jul 08
Interesting! Because I work in travel I get so used to seeing beautiful hotesl all the time in the brochures and talking about them to customers that I then find I do want to stay in nicer hotels and this is the problem as I don't have the money to do it! Seeing more than one place in one trip is ideal really as then it covers more places and makes the trip more interesting! x
@hal8711 (102)
• China
21 Jul 08
traveling to lots of countries is full of fun and amazing ... i prefer that way of travel...but i only have money to travel to some different cities not far away from my home town cuz as a college student money always be the problem...
21 Jul 08
Yes it's a shame it costs so much to see the things we want - though one day I imagine you'll have the cash to do so and it will be better for you to see these wonderful places in the world! x
@applefreak (3133)
• Singapore
20 Jul 08
well my partner and i discuss about places we want to visit. most of the times we'll pick the destination together. however, i think he gives in to where i want to go. most of the times we'll go to the place that i want to go. it doesn't matter if we have visited the place before. but we are hoping to venture to countries we've never been to. ultimately, i hope to see most, if not all, of asia. cheers ;p
21 Jul 08
A bit of mild persuasion!! If you do get to visit Asia I think you will love it as it is so beautfil and the people are so nice! x
@skinnychick (6907)
• United States
21 Jul 08
I love to travel but don't go that often. But it's usually a mutual decision.