Are American soldiers refuges?

@bonbon664 (3470)
July 20, 2008 8:34pm CST There have been a few cases of US soldiers seeking refuge status in Canada. Canada welcomed over 20,000 soldiers during the Vietnam war. Now, seems to be different. Do you think they have a case? I don't really. I think it's different, I think their own government should deal with it.
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@suspenseful (40316)
• Canada
21 Jul 08
Well at the time of the Vietnam war, we had Trudeau and if you delve into his background, Trudeau was leaning towards Communism and of course, he would help refugees from the Vietnam War. Now the Canadian government realizes it made a mistake and in fact by aiding the deserters contributed to Vietnam falling into Communist hands. So now they want to deport the soldiers who deserted and they should do so. If there was a legitimate reason for not fighting, they should have asked to be work where they would not have to raise a weapon, not come running up here. Now the situation is different, Us is fighting in Iraq, so if US soldiers were allowed to desert to Canada on the grounds of this, in some opinions, being an unjust (yes should have let Saddam Hussein stay as dictator( war, the war will be over but at what cost? I do not want to look forward to a time when a more violent dictator rules Iraq because the US troops were forced out early by so cslled public opinion.