weird friend?

July 21, 2008 12:37am CST
somebody enlighten me on this. i have a friend who is very caring.very supportive.very generous.the flaws?here they are: 1.she knows everything,anything and everyone who is someone in this world.even claims to talk to spirits. 2.she has everything and anything,so she says, in this world,it might be with her now or had before. 3.if,and only if,she cant admit that she has this certain thing,she must acquire it asap. 4.anything u have,she must have.anything u bought,she must buy.anything you did,she must do.if the task is beyond her capacity...she says things that would make the task so bad,u wished u never done it. 5.she wont praise anybody on her face.she doesnt say,you're're're're perfect.or that u can cook better. 6.she wont accept payment for the food she ate.she must pay for everything u all ate.(which is advantageous,actually) 7.she announces her activities from dawn til dark.what she did,what she ate(especially in an expensive restaurant)and what she wears. yet,it seems that shes well liked...and i like her it me?or just
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@salonga (27955)
• Philippines
21 Jul 08
I once had a friend like that. I said once because no we are not friends anymore because we are mortal enemies. My ex-friend was living in a fantasy and she could deceive many who would thought she really is that good to be true fellow but once you get to know her well... you will shrink at the thought that she was your friend. I did not go with her fantasy one day as I opened her eyes to the reality that she is a liar, a congenital liar and for that she was furious and now we are alienated and I believe that would be forever. Good for me!
• Philippines
21 Jul 08
good for you there,i wish i could do the same...maybe,i just have to have all the courage to speak up cause once you do that...she can be very evil...tells everyone how bad a person who speaks againts her is...i wonder though,how she could convince every one.seems like,shes really very good in making others believe...unfortunately,i am one of those,who i can say,under her spell.i even wonder why,i am so careful not to hurt her feelings,im so careful not to tell her where i went or what i just bought cause it would make her feel bad...yes!i am under her spell!not only me...but lots of us...tnx
7 Aug 08
I am surprised to have a friend like that here in my lot, I posted days ago that I've been absent for 3weeks in school because of sickness you that ishe offers to talk to my professors to give me conciderations.