Social Sites Change People.

July 21, 2008 3:25am CST
Well, i remember a time when if anybody knew a thing about computers/the internet, they would automatically be classed as a geek, nerd etc. But now, all of these 'Chavs' use bebo and myspace, and suddenly, nobody cares! I think that all of these social sites change people dramatically. (Not if you use them say 30 mins a day)
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@philjas (1134)
• United States
25 Jul 08
I used to be one of those "geeks", or with me it was more that I was a nobody who needed to "get a life" because I sat home and talked to people on the computer. Now I take some pride in seeing that the rest of the world has gotten around to MY way of thinking. :) It used to be a huge pet peeve of mine, when the internet was first getting popular, that people would use the term "real life" to mean life offline - as if this here online is not REAL life. I notice that these days you don't see that so much anymore.
@im_tiggs (144)
• United States
24 Jul 08
Nobody cares, because it is "the thing to do now". I can barely stand not being on the computer for 30 minutes- LOL It's what I think. I think the neatest thing about computers, is that you can literally tipe in any word and when looking for one thing you suddenly endup with information you would hve never thought about! What I don't like is the simple fact that a kindergarten child has computer homework. If he didn't have a computer how much stress does it put on the child... My nephew was in K this past year. This little turkey knows so much about them. He has his favorite websites. (Club Penguin- I couldn't say now to a premium account)and i ws excited when my other nephew go email to "Justin Turkeytoes" instead of his real name that we didnot furnish. My sister believed me that he didnt have an account. (he is teen ) He asked me to help him with a myspace. I will leave that up to his parents. How do these sites change people. If anything, I have found out so much about my friends that I would have never known. You are free to express, create, write, and be yourself. Some people have FULL DISCLOSURE and hold nothing back, I have LIMITED DISCLOSURE because I jsut dont feel that comfortable. Please tell me how you feel these sites change people dramatically..