@heart4u (409)
July 21, 2008 6:28am CST
what is faithfulness for you? are you a faithful partner? is your partner faithful to you? my own definition of faithfullness is commiting yourself to an individual or something which in there would be an assurance that you will never goes out of the line that you and the other person commmit to and by being honest to your partner how about you how do you define faithfulness? give your opinion. tnx. god speed. keep posting. keep earning here on mylot.
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21 Jul 08
faithfulness is when you are totally committed to another person. Its when you give them no reason at all to think anything is going on with you. Its also when you back them up and support them on anything and everything they do in life. Your behavior and actions and words also reflect faithfulness. I am vey faithful to my husband. Its how you carry yourself in Public and how you talk about your partner when your not together. Interesting question,can't wait to read more responses.