car accident..

@heart4u (409)
July 21, 2008 7:08am CST
i was only in my kindergarden when i experience this though its been a long time but still the memory is fresh i remeber we where about to go home dad,my mom,my brother snd i when suddenly a truck hits us and i just close my eyes when i open my eyes i see color red till its clear to me i saw blood everywhere my clothes where in full of blood my so my family too then somebody lift me up let me in the ambulance and then i close my eyes when i open it i am already in hospital with my family good thing all of us survived but according to the people in the town where we got accident that road where crossing was prone to accident never a day or a month accident happen there but the only thing that still fresh to my mind when they told us that all family who got accident there never go home complete one of them always die but us? all of us went home complete and alive.. it is still a mystery right? since that night i was introduce to the learning that i can see ghost or even talk to them that incident open my third eye.
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