Here is my Second poetry...

@ellavila (149)
July 21, 2008 8:03am CST
This is my second poetry which was "trashed" by my editor-in-chief when I was just a staff in our school paper when I was in college. It's all about "EDSA REVOLUTION" here in the Philippines, it was supposedlt intended for the anniversary of the Revolution... From One shot to a bloodless battle by: Maria Estela Punongbayan (February 1995) Pow! there's a gun shot heard at far The shot was found at the hero's scar All people cried for the hero's death But he went through for our freedom before his last breath The nation decided to bring it back The justice shattered by "pigs" on the rack The lives taken without further dignity A bloodless battle push though until it's victory Roses and Rosaries are the only weapon From the bullets and knives even under the moon God knows what to do That's why instead of freezing bullets the heart of everyone went warmer and so EDSA is the symbol of a silent war No guns, tanks, bombs and lives taken a far Bloodless revolution is a way of peace Why need for blood if we can do it in a peaceful ease?
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