Do mysearchfunds ban us if we do more than 55 searches a day?

July 21, 2008 8:45am CST
I had started a new discussion and someone posted that do not search more than 55 times a day otherwise mysearchfunds will ban our account. Is it true? Does anyone knows anything? Thanks for reading:
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@Jody20 (887)
• Netherlands
21 Jul 08
They won't ban you but you get a email warning you can only do legit searches. I'm researching my family history, so i made alot of searches that week. Next thing was that i got email warning me of cheating and that have to do legit searches otherwise the would be forced to delete my account.
@Emiese (994)
• Sweden
21 Jul 08
I think that mysearchfunds has a pretty intense security system, to make sure people actually uses it for real searches and not only to get money out of it. I do not know if 55 is a limit or something like that, but I assume that if you do 55 searches per day every day, it cannot be real searches. Why on earth would you have to search that many times per day? My normal search count is about 5-10 per day, and maybe about 20 if I am doing research or trying to find something specifically. I can never imagine people doing over 50 searches per day for other reasons than trying to get the money from mysearchfunds, and then I think you should expect being banned, shouldn't you?!
@adjhoice (434)
• United States
22 Jul 08
I am not sure If they will ban your account if you do 55 searches a day. I am a member of MSF but I only do like 5-20 searches a day, I think I have done 50searches just one time, and It still work, I didn't get any email from them. So I think Its ok just dont do it everyday. Its better to treat it as a normal search engine cuz they will know if you just searching for money. Goodluck!!
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