I love shrimps...

@ellavila (149)
July 21, 2008 9:19am CST
Yup, I love it very much, I eat all varieties in all shapes and sizes. I mostly love the way my mom cooks it in a sprinkle of salt and cook it in very low heat and dip it in mixture of white vinegar, dash of grounded pepper, crushed garlic and dash of salt.
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@lady1993 (21059)
• Philippines
8 Dec 10
I love it so much too. I just eat it when it's cooked though.. and peeled already. I love it with eggs, (omelet). I love those really big shrimps too.. Seafoods are just so yummy.
• Philippines
9 Jul 10
I love shrimps too! When we buy fresh live ones, my dad would steam them, jumping and all, with a few slices of ginger. Then he's prepare a salty-sweet dipping sauce with more ginger. Yummy!
@modstar (9610)
• Philippines
10 Jun 09
I love shrimps too! I like it any way it's cooked. I love it with eggs. I love it fried. I love it in soup. Just any shrimp dish. I think your mom cooks well. I love her idea then maybe i can tell me my sister about it. She's pretty good in cooking too! I specifically love and it's my favorite when the shrimp is cook in a very crunchy way that you can eat even it's head.
@jules67 (2790)
• Philippines
10 Jun 09
Oh yes, I love shrimps. I especially like it in this Thai dish called Tom Yum, My sister-in-law, who happens to be Thai and his son cook it for us , once in a while. I like the taste that is spicy. Yummmy.....
• Philippines
21 Jul 08
do you like it raw, still swinging and moving, just put vinegar and radish, its good