have u heart "lonely"?

July 21, 2008 9:22am CST
I like this song very much. The sound in this song is cutie! haha~! And I think this song is great to be a phone ring~ it's wonderful and it must attrack much attention from other people who hear it!
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• India
3 Aug 08
hii friend yes i heard it and really i like it very much. infact i would like to tell u that there is my friend whos favourite song is this only and he was very much affected by this song he he you will find written "MR. LONELY" at its everything his bike his bag just everywhere he he he gains sympathy of girls by doing so he he that is still alone and lonely
• India
22 Jul 08
I have heard it and i like it so much. It is such a cutie cutie song
@MizukiZHR (611)
• China
21 Jul 08
Hi,wind.I haven't listened to this song because I only listen to Japanese music.But I think this song must be splendid otherwise you won't like it so much,right?:D