Grand Theft Auto.......

July 21, 2008 8:46pm CST
When I played the very first version of GTA, I vomitted by seeing it's graphics and story. But all my friends always said What a game GTA is, everywhere GTA, GTA. So, I thought what is so special about this filthy game? But actually they were talking about the GTA III : Liberty Cities. So, I myself tried it out, and I was blown away by the game. and from that day onwards I have become a GTAlocholic. By the has GTA IV launched on the PC platform or if not, then when it is going to.......
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• United States
22 Jul 08
it's fun when you find a game where you become addicted. that's pretty bad that you vonmited from the first game. IN THE NEWS did you hear about the 20 something year old boy that stole a gta game and ended up in a real police chase. he ended up crashing his car DUH and when they hand cuffed him he said it was nothing like the game. he has issues.
@DakySlo (72)
• Slovenia
22 Jul 08
gta si a goooood game i have played gta vice city and san andreas and i can't wait for the pc wersion of IV