do u use alertpay ?

July 21, 2008 9:21pm CST
do u use alertpay when playing ptc site? I think Alertpay is not good like moneybooker ,and it can't withdraw money to credit card .Beside that ,transaction fee is not low. Do u use request for checque or bank wire when u using AP ? or use a exchanger ?
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• United States
22 Jul 08
Well we were forced to change to alertpay, but tI think It can have it's advantages. Like being able to directly withdraw you money in the form of a check. Personnally I think it's pretty risky. Puttung all you're hard earned money into the trust of the mail service. But a big disadvantage for me would be that it's hard to buy online using alertpay since not a lot of sites, have it as a valid way of tranferring money. But I'm sure that alertpay will be viable on many different sites soon enough
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• Canada
22 Jul 08
I have an alertpay account, and I'm waiting for a couple of sites to pay me what they owe me into that account, but as yet I have not used i. When money starts coming into that account, I'll be able to really start using it. For now I haven't done anything with it.
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