anyone ever wake up and not be wearing your apnea gear?

United States
July 21, 2008 9:51pm CST
I have been wearing a mask for apnea for just under a yr. The first few months no prob everything was great, then i started waking up with my mask setting next to me in the bed or on the floor..i apparently was removing it in my sleep adn didnt know it. I talked to the doc they did another sleep test, and i had no probs, kept the gear on the whole time, they even had me bring in my own gear to make sure taht it wasnt a prob with mine specifically...they are answerless to why this is happening. Does anyone else do this and do you feel more tired the next day, i know i do.
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@caribe (2465)
• United States
2 Aug 08
Only once have I awakened and not been wearing my mask. I do wake up sometimes and my face is wet from perspiration and the room is air conditioned. Have you tried using a chin strap, making it more difficult to take off in your sleep? If I don't use my CPAP I usually wake up with a head and I feel tired. You might try a different style of mask that might be more comfortable to you.
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3 Aug 08
I never thought to use a chin strap and when i called the equipment company i got the gear from, the first night it happened, they never even suggested it. September will be a year i have been using it, and i think i have to get a follow up sleep test and reevaluated, so when i do i will mention the strap to them. I am definitely tired all the time but that has only been in the last cpl of months, and this with the mask has happened for almost the whole year ive been wearing it, so who knows..hopefully i will get some answers if i have to do a new test. thanks again.
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