Do you agree that the more u give to the poor, the more you have for yourself ?

July 21, 2008 11:30pm CST
with me , i agree with it, Because at home there is one woman who always asking every morning to my dad for some help. what we did is we collect all the the unused paper, soap box, toothpaste box, any types carboard, carton, any labels we sum it on big plastic bag , then when this woman came we gave it to her so she can sell it on the junkshop for her to feed herself. as i noticed the blessings will came back thta we have enough food for the day but we never be running out of food inside ths house , bec we gave the help to feed herself thats why. how about you can you share your helping hand? do you agreed that th emore you give to th epoor , the more you have fpr yourself?
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