Easy Ways To Improve Your Baby’s Intelligence

November 4, 2006 3:54am CST
IIn fact, from birth to 2½ years old,a baby’s brain is the busiest that it will ever be in her entire lifetime as it learns to process information and to develop new skills. She learns how to recognize important people in her life and what certain words mean.What is important to realize is that parents have such a great window of opportunity to stimulate their child’s brain from birth to 5 years of age. You can do these to stimulate your child’s brain to ensure that its connections within the brain and to the body are strong: 1.Delay returning to work for as long as possible. 2.Breastfeed your baby as long as possible. 3.Carry your baby around with you, wherever possible. 4.Touch your baby whenever possible. 5.Respond to your baby’s needs in a timely manner. 6.Read and sing to your baby. Language and music are great ways to stimulate a baby’s brain. If you’d like to play music for your baby, classical, children’s, country or light rock music are the best choices as their beat is stimulating, but not overly so. In conclusion, the underlying principle is that the more time you spend with your baby in play and in one-on-one interactions, the more you stimulate and strengthen connections within your baby’s brain.
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@vicele (328)
• Kenya
4 Nov 06
Good information ,i've Got a 9mth old ,thanks for your news