Hmm.....wondering what language he speaks?

United States
July 22, 2008 12:20am CST
Hey peeps, I was sitting around the house a while back and noticed that my cat seemes like he does not hear me. Anyway he certainly does not listen. His name is Karma he is about 1.5 years old. Good cat. Plays fetch, even brings the mouse back to everytime. Like a dog Anyway I was reading an article and found my cat may not even be an English speaking cat. At first I thought he would probably be a Spanish speaking cat. Thought maybe he jusmped the border or something, but he does not like Tacos. My next guess was an Asian cat. I know there are a lot of different languages over there so I figured this might take a while. This is when my girlfriend said she had jus made it with an Asian and that Karma had much larger balls than most Asians. About 2 months of trying to figure out his nationality we came across a friend that had a cousin who found out that there were a bunch of cats that came over on a boat from across seas but could not tell us where from. I feel like we are so close to finding what language he speaks. Then it came to me. Why don't we make a language especially for cats. No one else can speak it but the cats. I think with the right help we could make some money at this. We just need a few strong people to donate their time and there knowlege in speaking cat to translate. I know that there are many nationalities of cat and I just want to communicate with mine. What do you say, are you in???
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@sergedan (768)
• Romania
22 Jul 08
Wait, you want me and a bunch of other people to invent a language, words, grammar and everything and expect cats to understand?? Cats don't speak languages, they don't understand us, they already have a "language" to communicate with EACH OTHER. So let's just leave it at that ok?