The Chromosomes In Heredity.

November 4, 2006 4:00am CST
All living organisms are endowed with different qualities inherited from their parents. This transmission of qualities is called as inheritance which opened a new branch of biology called genetics. The study was made possible only after the discovery of cells by Robert Hooke and later on the genes by T. H. Morgan who was rightly called the father of genetics. The genes were assessed as the hereditary units which are capable of passing information depending on what it contains in itself. Sutton has described clearly in his book about the chromosomes which contain the hereditary factor, the gene. After the discovery of the structure of DNA by two scientists Watson and Crick, further probing into the gene was made possible. When you stand in front of a mirror and observe keenly, you could find that some of the characters that you possess have been transmitted from either of your parent Via. Genes. There are about 23 pairs of chromosomes in human beings while drosophila contains only 8 pairs. The genes that carry particular information are specifically present on a particular chromosome. Some of the characters may differentiate you from your parents, for which also the chromosomes are responsible. In this case it was the hidden genes which were carried by your parents often called scientifically as recessive genes which get expressed if both the alleles are recessive. Sutton also explains in a fascinating way with beautiful illustrations in his book about the recessive and dominant genes. You will be very much excited to learn about the mysteries hidden inside the genes. So many factors like physique, hair pattern, eye colour, hair color, skin color, etc. are expressed depending upon what genes enter the sperm and ovum make up of the male and female parent. You can also find in this book about the various experiments done by this scientist to prove that chromosomes play a vital role in heredity.
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