The Killer Interview!

@muxicka (216)
July 22, 2008 5:01am CST
I have just arrived at my house and "D-A-M-N"I'm so hungry. The reason is I haven't eat my lunch because of a stupid examination that I took. I was applying for work, then the agency that I've sent my credentials sent me off to this company. It was about 8am when they have sent me to the company. Then the examination started about 10am. At the beginning, it was all too easy. They've given us a psych test, which you just fill out so they may identify your personality. Then the drawing exam. Then the hard part. It was past 12 that we get to finish the psych exam, that was 300 items to be answered. Then, after that, it was 4 hours of pain in the a-s-s. We had this exam, that started in mathematicsenglishand other problem solving stuffs. Which the instructor didn't even ask us if we had our lunch already. So the instructor offered us to leave the room if we aren't sure. But since everyone in there wanted to work, no one has left. Then the battles begins. A 4 hour marathon run pulverizing our brains. Draining out all the knowledge that we had. It's hard to have a test without anything on your stomach. Then after a couple of hours. We were freed.. (HOORAYYYY!!) Do you guys ever experienced this kind of trial? I know it was just once, but the instructess could have given us the option 1st to eat then take the test later. Have you guys experienced this kind of maltreatment? Please share your views on this topic.
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