Is there any other wives of truck drivers out there??

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July 22, 2008 6:44am CST
My hubby has been a truck driver for over a year now and I am getting used to him being gone a lot. Is there any other truck driver wives on here and what do you do to keep busy while they are gone and with school coming up do you hate it that you are the only one home to get school stuff and everything ready??
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@kiley4 (72)
• United States
23 Jul 08
My husband was a truck driver for a little over a year. Over time we realized that as much as my husband loved it, and I love seeing him happy, it didn't work for our family. So he went from Regional to Dedicated. Dedicated didn't pay enough so he changed to OTR. OTR was NOT for us. So yes I hated having to see him in pictures sent from one cell phone to the other. I hated seeing him for 24-36-48 hours after about two weeks. I hated having to take out the trash and have no one else to answer my two-year-old. But I only let my husband know that we missed him and were glad that he was happy. Turns out as much fun as he was having he wished I was on the road with him. Now we're looking for a local trucking job for him. Still love trucks but we're looking for a day-cab job for my husband instead. The money just didn't balance with 168 hours/week on the road, 70 working hours/week, 24-48 hours rest every TWO weeks. After working the figures, we saw no reason for my husband to be paying for two family structures (his life on the road and our life at home) with only $300+ net to show. There was no reason (other than the companies double-talk) that he couldn't have been bringing home $700 to $1000 every week. I miss having more time to myself, but I wouldn't trade my time with my husband for anything. I wish you the best. We're always online when you need to talk. :) :D