Restriction for Chinese members!

July 22, 2008 8:04am CST
i just got to know and joined the ptc sites a month ago and i've already seen tons of restriction rules for Chinese members--some even hate them so much to call them Chinese users only. There's always the reason "too many treaters"! I feel very sorry about this as a Chinese myself but sometimes it hurts by clicking like 50 days on end only to find the TOS of these sites changed! And they changed either to ask Chinese members to upgrade in order to request payout or turn them down all together. I'm sure there are actually ways to distinguish treaters from honest clickers but they just wouldn't try! Even a new site just launched for two days declare the upgrade rules! I once saw a post in ptctalk forum, a guy claimed to have been to China once saying Chinese's living standard is very low and $1 is more than enough for one meal which is not true. And clicking ads means lots of profits! I can only say that solo clickers can barely get paid not to memtion the restrictions. Only a few with many referrals do. Neobux is a perfect model for those sites,i should say. Share your wisdom if you have better suggestions for the poor Chinese members excluding treaters of course.
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@mysdianait (64066)
• Italy
22 Jul 08
Hi shinymood! I think instead of 'treaters' you really mean to write 'cheaters'. Having said that I can see both sides of the coin. If the Chinese were not so good (or so bad depending from where you are sitting) at creating duplicate accounts then maybe this problem would not have been created. All sites when you request payout have to audit the account of the member whi has placed the request and at that point so many sites discovered duplicate accounts, with member number one referring member number two, with the same IP as the number one.. and having hundreds of referrals all coming from the same IP - well that does make it bad for a Chinese member when so many other Chinese are doing it. I can understand that it makes a lot of work for nothing for the site owners and it also is bad for the honest Chinese people at the same time as they are hit by these bans. It's a sad situation but if the majority are from that one country then I'm sorry but I can definately understand why they have to enforce this rule. Happy posting!