Teeth Whitening

United States
July 22, 2008 9:42am CST
Okay, so I got some White Brite from my Dentist for tooth whitening. This stuff hurts so bad when I use it that I finally gave up and went back to the Dentist for a resolution. They gave me more whitening that was not as strong as the first kit they had given me. Last night I tried using it and had the tray on my teeth for less than 30 seconds before the pain started. I searched the internet and could not find any consumer comments that state problems or pain with whitening. Is it just me? Could I be allergic? To describe the pain...it feels like my teeth and gums are aching. I mean it's excruciating pain. Like I was chewing ice cream or something. I'm going to request a refund on the whitening system because I couldn't even complete an entire syringe of the stuff and it isn't cheap. Any ideas?
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