When did your child learn their colors?

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July 22, 2008 10:20am CST
Today I got an email that my 3 year old should be learning her colors now. My 3 year old has been knowing her colors since about 18 months old thanks to tub colors. Even though she couldn't say all the if you would ask her for a color she could hand it to you. We are now working on numbers and ABC's. Not sure why but she now counts 1,2,3,4,9 and she use to know that 5 came after 4 but everytime I tell her that she tells me no. She knows the letter A but we have alot of work to do before April of next year when she gets tested for Preschool. How do you teach your child things? Do you use sheets, websites, special toys, music, or some kind of tv program?
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23 Jul 08
I spent so much time with my children teaching them by talking to them and playing with them. We went over colors and alphabets everywhere we went to including the market. I had to keep them busy some how. They know what we had to buy and where in the market it was kept. If that was not fun anymore then I would read the labels to them. We played and quizzed each other all the time. I did not sit down and make them write their alphabet but we played made up games. When my kids went to preschool the teach said "you work with your kids" I finally copped out and said "I do not work with my kid" because to me was making them sit at the kitchen table and write their alphabets over and over and over. She said "What I mean it you talk to your kids, you do not put them in a car sit and ignore them." It sounds like you are doing a great job. I think you should continue to do what you are doing, let them be kids and play with them. Always talk to them and explain things to them. Your daughter will get her numbers and alphabets in her time. She may know them but be keeping them from you. Good luck
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24 Jul 08
That is good that you talk to your kids and don't ignore them. Some kids go to school not knowing anything and parents feel that its the teachers job to teach them everything. My daughter is still at the age where she thinks alot of stuff is fun so I get away with some stuff that she is really learning even though we are playing. Thanks for your response.
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24 Jul 08
My children are now grown, they are 30 and 27 and I am expecting our first grand baby. I still am close with our children.
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26 Jul 08
Try getting some wall charts with colours, numbers and the alphabet and stick them on a wall in your dining room, kitchen or somewhere in your living room where they can see it occassionally and get them to go over it occassionally. You could also get books from your local library and read to them, they listen really well during story times and activities with you. Also simple looking round the house for things that start with a certain letter, activities like that. You could also get some fridge magnets, my one enjoys playing with those while I am cooking. We use websites and TV mainly for the entertainment aspect but they do learn a few things from there too, you could discuss it with them afterwards. Remember to make it fun...Good Luck