Since upgrade is your paypal okay?

July 22, 2008 11:37am CST
I checked my earnings earlier and was surprised to see at the bottom that mylot didn't have my paypal details logged. I wonder if this has happened to anyone else and would urge everyone just to take a quick look. I have reached payout before so don't know why it changed to not having my details for paying me. Although I doubt I'll reach payout this month.
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• Philippines
22 Jul 08
Well, it happened to me before I was paid my first pay out. I tis because I am not from the US. I did register many times to paypal before I was paid but when the time of payment comes, I was paid through my paypal. I am just wondering why they are like that it happened to me too. But just wait when you reach pay out and observe if you can have it in your paypal, then you can write to them and inquire why it happened. good lcuk..
22 Jul 08
My first payout was fine and as far as I know my paypal is okay. It has just been since the upgrades to Mylot that mylot seems to have lost my logged paypal details btw I'm not in the US, I'm in the Uk.