Saving energy and money - what do you do?

United States
July 22, 2008 11:11pm CST
Every one is trying to save money by conserving energy these days. What type of things do you do? We have changed all of out light bulbs to the energy savers. We open our windows at night if the outside temp is going to be lower than what AC is set on. I turn the AC up a degree if we are gone all day. I try to wash dishes in the sink when I can instead of dishwasher.
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@mykmari_08 (2466)
• Philippines
23 Jul 08
You're so right with energy and money conservation these days; as almost all of the people are really tightening up their belts in order to survive. With the sudden and continous increase of price of gasoline in the world market, life has been tough and so much challenging. Even an employed individual earning more than the minimum wage has to exert extra efforts to gain more than how much they are presently earning. Personally, I'm a married woman with one daughter. I'm the only one working for the family and my husband takes care of her. I've got to admit that we really don't have any savings at the moment so we are trying very hard to save on a lot of things. We used to utilize the washing machine for our laundry, but now whenever possible, we wash our clothes by hand. Before leaving the house, I turn the refrigerator down to a level lower than warm. After all, not much is stored in it for now. I turn it higher in the nighttime before going to sleep as no one is going to open it several times unlike during the day. This way, it gets colder and I could turn it off for a day or two if the ice has already accumulated and still keep the coolness in it. We try to keep the lights switched off when we've finished eating dinner while watching tv. Also, we don't switch the lights on until it isn't six in the evening or even later.
• United States
23 Jul 08
Yes, with gas prices they way they are, all things are becoming expensive. I know what you mean about savings, too. We have some, but it is hard to do sometimes. I have two kids. My wife and I both have good jobs, but we spend $240 for a sitter each week. We'll be rich when the kids go to school:) I am to spoiled to wash my clothes by hand, I guess:) Good ideas about the fridge and lights. thanks and good luck.