Planning to get rich

@bieke81 (1069)
July 23, 2008 11:56am CST
I think everyone wants to get rich. Everyone likes the idea of getting rich. Some like it to happen rather sooner than later, others dream of retiring with a lot of money in their bank account. I like to have a lot of money too, some day, but I know I won't get it if I don't plan for it to happen. So I budget every cent that comes through the door and I look at what goes out. We do want to have a nice life so we will go out with the kids and spend some money, but we always know what we spend, and how much and if we can afford it. I have a plan on paper that tells me how much I'm going to save this year and how much extra money I want to make. Does anyone on mylot has planned out to get rich?
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@kingcrapper (1538)
• United States
23 Jul 08
I dream of being rich too but I have learned a differnet vlaue to rich. Some say it would be when you have a million in the bank or when you own a big house or car. For me is a time factor: how long can I go without working and still have everything covered. Some people are 1 day rich. They go to work and maybe take a day off but then have to go back! Can you imagine this concept and knowing you are a 'year' rich or a 'decade' rich or even 'forever' rich. At these points you have enough coming in that you don't have to work for that amount of time. Do I want to be rich? Yep. For how long? As long as I can! :-)
@bieke81 (1069)
• Belgium
23 Jul 08
Thanks for your input. I see it, about the same. I want to have enough money to buy the farm I want and to be able to live without problems and thoughts about money. Have a nice day and thank you for posting