Ever been treated badly by a man

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July 23, 2008 2:50pm CST
I am with a man whom is the father of my soon to be born baby he refuses to go to any of her ultrasounds or prenatal check ups to hear her heart...Like today was her last ultrasound said hed call before 12:30 and never did and says it slipped his mind while I walk home in the rain. He wont help support me period hes always gone and its always on his terms when he comes over says he is busy all the time takes him 2-3 hours to come over when he says he will be over real soon. He wouldnt even attend the childbirth class with me....tho in the past he hasnt been the greatest 20-30 people at would tell me they would see him at the bar dancing tell me the same thing....He never has money always broke.......then pissed at me cause I said im getting child support on him im sorry but he blew it many times already.....Lie about where he has been So anyone else had the same problem or any advice?
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@cbantly (236)
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8 Jun 09
The fact of the matter is that right now he is not consistent with his actions in any way (at least any good way). You know where he is right now, take advantage of this before he disappears. It doesn't mean you have to start a war with him, but go ahead and get child support in the works. Once the order is done, you may actually find that it makes things easier between the two of you because there will be no arguments on how much he should contribute. Good Luck!
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23 Jul 08
He does not seem like the type of guy you'd want to raise a child with. I would be tough and hard with him, you should dump him, receive child support, and eventually find a guy that you deserve. You need someone dependable and good to you, don't be scared to dump this guy onto the streets because he acts like he would do the same to you. I hope that you and your baby do well on the big day when it comes, stay strong!