How do you know if someone loves you???.....i need alot of responses on this one

July 23, 2008 8:41pm CST
i know you can say it but like someone told me its just words so i want to know how you know if someone loves you how do they show it??/.... i really want a true opinion!!
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@Jade13 (262)
• Malaysia
24 Jul 08
I think the most obvious and realistic way is to say the 3 words. Yes, those 3 words. Its a very direct and bold way. Some people show their love by their actions, they protect, they care, they pay attention.
@yrayne (76)
24 Jul 08
..well, for me, its hard since actions are sometimes very deceiving.. we girls have some misinterpretations when a guy does something special for us.. so if could ask him personally without committing an offense to him, then ask him.. In my experience though, a guy who is inlove would always want to be near to the one they love.. They always stay with the girl and often offer a helping hands to her.. You will also know that when you feel it in your instinct that the guy is doing or behaving in extraordinary way comparing to those who just want to be your friends.. But still, as I've said, sometimes, actions are very deceiving.. anyway, you will cross the bridge when you get there.. experience will be your best teacher..