what's your pet phrase?

@Canteen (595)
July 23, 2008 10:24pm CST
mine is "how do you think?" i ask my boyfriend this question everyday at the dinner table, cause i am the one who cooked the dinner and i hope he enjoy my cooking. and i always ask him "how do you think this " while shopping. so what's your pet phrase?
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@mykmari_08 (2466)
• Philippines
17 Dec 08
With very many phrases I have used here in mylot community and elsewhere, I absolutely couldn't figure out what my favorite or pet phrase is. But if my memory still serves me right, I used to have a favorite line or sentence which I personally created for the sole purpose of dedications to my college friends when we were about to graduate from our course. We're about to part ways then, and as a memento; we exchanged photos. And this line goes something like this, "...we're always together in constant prayer, friend." And a few years back, I recall there was one time when my female cousin and I went to a local bookstore to purchase some stuff. While we're there, I happened to come across an aisle of greeting cards and one particular card caught my attention because of its message. I'd say that I fell in love with the message and I tried memorizing it because I must admit that I had no intention to buy the card. Successfully, I was able to stick it in my head which goes like this, "Bind your soul to mine with cords of love stronger than the invisible ties that bind the sun, moon, and stars together." Ain't it romantic?! Anyway, regarding verbal expressions, I guess my share would be the equivalent of 'OVER', in vernacular language, aside from others. Happy holidays!
@heartonfire (4132)
• Denmark
24 Jul 08
Hmm i think mine would be 'what did you do today?' ... i always wonder what he did that certain day, as he works as a sales agent,and he is around the city,selling stuff and sometimes he doesn't come home to eat before he finishes all his work and it makes me wonder if he eats in town,or if he starved that day,or if he stopped by for a coffee or if he met someone, and so on.. i think that is the main thing that interests me daily:)