PS3 and PS2 games?

July 23, 2008 11:46pm CST
recently reading a magazine and to be more exactly ProTeste (brazilian magazine) i read something i dont like =/ the ps3 cant read PS2 and PS1 games? and obviously dont acept they MC? if someone can answer me please i'm thank you.. because i like to buy one ps3 but this is a great/huge problem and besides this he need a HD TV to read full graphics motion T_T the sony take serious the point to make the best video game and forget about the price to countrys like mine..
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@ishralene09 (2260)
• Philippines
24 Jul 08
Ok, it's a good thing I know about this one. Well, the case here is that most PS3 models that are out now(40gb/80gb) have removed backwards compatibility. That means that it can't play original PS2 games anymore due to the fact that the emotions engine's framework is not similar to the PS3's. And so they have found out that the emulation is hard for the PS3. That is why they've cut off the PS2 support. For the PS1, I am not sure but I think it is still playable, as there is an option to download PS1 games from the PSN(Playstation Network). But if you really want backwards compatibility, then you should seek for the old models. I think 20gb is the safest, since that's the one I have right now. Then just change the hard drive to a larger one. The main reason to do so is that earlier models of the PS3 still has the BC feature. They just cut it off due to some technicalities. But then it should still deliver. It's also good to note that you can only play PS2 games that are available in the region where the model was manufactured. For example, you cannot play Japanese PS2 games on a PAL model or an NTSC/U model, and vise versa. While it is like that for the PS2, it's a good thing to know that blu-ray is regionless, so you can play any PS3 game from any region. It's a good feature for westerners who wants to play Final Fantasy 13 earlier, for it will be released in Japan sooner that the North American/European version.
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• Brazil
24 Jul 08
about ntsc/u and pal i play both on my ps2 and have no problem. my region format is PAL (brazil) i've player Code Age Commanders (NTSC/J) Final Fantasy X (NTSC/U) and Tomb Raider (PAL) without a problem. =p i think i'm some lucky guy? xD and i've dont do anything to him... he just play the games ^^
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