Can I able to respond to my own discussions..?

July 24, 2008 3:18am CST
Hello my dear friends, Whether can i able to respond the discussions which has been raised by me in mylot. Incase if i can able to respond, Whether it will be considered for the number of discussions and the responses counting. And also when i raise the first discussion, next to my username i found that "(0)", I think this is the number of discussions details place. Whether the discussions count will start from the "0" in mylot instead of "1"?? And also can any one help me that how much will be paid for my single discussions in mylot, like that, how much i can get for my every responses.. is there any norms fixed by mylot..?? My above doubts are may be silly one, if you could give me the explanations, the same will be appreciated from my heart. Convey your information through your response to my discussion.
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