At what time you are going to take bath?

July 24, 2008 3:52am CST
I take bath during night time. If some special days are there then only i take bath at morning. but in that case also i take bath at night. Means i bath twice a day. I cant sleep if didnt take bath before sleeping. I get bad dream like something is moving on my body, if i sleep without bath. How about you? Are you take bath regularly? If yes then at what time?
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@AppiBaby (50)
• India
24 Jul 08
I take bath in the morning before leaving for office. If i dont take bath in the morning i feel very dirty and uncomfortable and lazy all day long. Even i take bath in evening sometimes, but that depends on my mood
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@angelia286 (2029)
• Singapore
27 Jul 08
During the weekdays, I would bathe twice - once in the morning before going to work, the second one at midnight when I came back from work and is getting ready for bed. On a weekend, I bathe at least thrice in a day - once when I woke up, the second one sometime in the late afternoon and last one just before I sleep. It gets too humid and hot here in Singapore that I just can't go without bathing! =D
@metschica25 (5407)
• United States
24 Jul 08
With in a few hrs of first waking up will i take a showe . I will usually take a night bubble bath or a warm shower right before bed . If swim I will just take a shower.
@gloreymay (882)
• Philippines
24 Jul 08
I take a bath twice a day and it has no definite time. If I feel like taking a bath in the morning then it is at 11am. In the afternoon around 3pm and at night at 9pm. I agree it is really difficult to sleep without taking a bath and feels fresh when sleeping after bathing.
@bbsr13 (4198)
• India
24 Jul 08
Hello, When I was going to office I was bathing in the morning but after retirement changed the routine.In the morning I read the news papers,then work for sometime in the garden and than bath at 12 noon,just before is my regular habit.In the evening if I feel the necessity,bath again.thanx.
@chirantani (1382)
• India
24 Jul 08
I take bath everyday,at 10'o clock in the morning,before going to work.Its good to take bath everyday,in fact,its hygenic,specially when the weather is hot and humid.