I dislike the sound of Drilling.

@dianagnes (1088)
July 24, 2008 4:15am CST
Now,im hearing the drilling sound right under my room.I just closed my room's windows to lessen the sound.Its still loud anyway.There's some construction work at the area of the view outside my room. I used to not favour the sound of drilling,everyone indeed.Except the construction workers,they have to face it.To me the sound is annoying and really irritating.We need to shout to talk to others when the sound surrouds us.Anyone are fine with the noisy effects from drilling?
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@4mymak (1796)
• Malaysia
24 Jul 08
eeewww...!! i hate the drilling sound also.. very noisy, irritating, annoying.. plus when you have small children in the home.. and they would carry playing merrily and 'noisily'.. but we cant tell the people to stop working - just have to bear it... sometimes the more 'nicer' neighbours.. would inform you beforehand if they are planning some construction, and we would try to prepare ourselves for the noise.. still... i hate it!!
@Monkeyrose (2850)
• Canada
24 Jul 08
WOw thats tough that you have that drilling sound right by your room. I hope that they finish up quick and it does not last that long. I don't really like the sound of construction either but I have not had to face it for long periods of time. We live by the railroad tracks so it took a while to get used to the trains when I first moved here. Now I don't even notice them.
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• India
25 Jul 08
Haha.. I don't think that no one else love to hear the high decibel sounds, excepting on compulsory situations like the workers in a factory, and in workshop etc, as too much of exposure to sound increases the chance of deafness. Certainly i love and most importantly i live in a calm atmosphere which is devoid of any kind of noise pollution.
@vanities (11387)
• Davao, Philippines
24 Jul 08
i hated the sound of it too..i guess everyone does especially the sound of the machine used for cutting logs..oh my gosh so irritating..actually jsut 3 hours ago i heared that irritating sound..since some people were fixing some pipes leakages on the pavement..i cant even take a nap due to the sound..but i cant do anything about it..so had to content myself with viewing dvds..