Who would you help more?

@piatos03 (396)
July 24, 2008 5:47am CST
Would you rather help someone in a situation that they were responsible for, or someone who couldn't control what was happening? For example, in the first scenario, the husband would leave his wife because she couldn't bear him any kids. In the second scenario, the husband would leave his wife because he just couldn't stick to one person for the rest of his life. Who would you feel sorry for? Who would you help more? I'm doing this for a research paper. Can anyone give me other 2 scenario examples like that? I'm really curious about how people's helping behaviors are. Thanks!
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@anonymili (3138)
24 Jul 08
To be honest, I would not have sympathy for either party. To leave a woman because she can't have kids is awful. There are so many other ways to have children, IVF, adoption, fostering, etc. I would think very little of a man who left a woman because she couldn't bear his children. As for a man who couldn't stick to one woman, well, why did the idiot get married in the first place? Marriage is not something one should enter into lightly, it's supposed to be for life and not being able to keep it in your pants, well that's disgusting and he should not marry in the first place if he couldn't control his lust for other women! How about this for 2 other but quite similar scenarios? A woman leaves her man because he can't father children or a woman leaves her man because she can't stick to one man as she finds him boring in bed :)
@piatos03 (396)
• Philippines
24 Jul 08
Hmm. Good point. How about this then, who would you help more. A student is in need of lecture notes for a class he missed. The first scenario is that he missed this class because he got sick and couldn't go, and the other that he went skiing in switzerland. If you were his classmate, who would you help more? And why?:)