Studying MBBS in china? how good it is? I heard bad rumours about it.

July 24, 2008 9:42am CST
Are you planning to study MBBS in china? I heard bad rumors about china's MBBS education methodology. Lots of youngster from my country settled to china for further study. But the students requested our government to let them have practice in their own nation. They can't do any practice in China. Only theory is allowed there. If theory is the only thing that china emphasizes in their education, then how good will be their education methodology if we have to return our own state for doing practice? But the medical council and authorities denied those request. Those students who've studies in china don't even have any skill and practical knowledge. So how can they treat the people in our nation and practice here? People in our nation turns their face when they hear that the doctor got their degree from china? What do you think? How much quality education is this from china? Don't you offend this?
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