what do you do when you find out your love one don't love you that much anymore

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July 24, 2008 4:00pm CST
i know someone that loved someone and then find out that they do not love her anymore
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24 Jul 08
I have some experience in this area. I loved a man very much in fact was very in love. and I now know that Love is defined many ways. If he is not in love with her anymore rhere is a possibilty hat he still loves her in way that he cares for her wellbeing. The love of my life was in love with me too e had a good life yet things changed in our lives we grew apart. but he loves me still he cares. and I love himm too .I still love him and its. painful sometimes yet he is to be at our home we shared everyday again.We share one beautiful son who is soon to be 16.But I was so in love that i gave him the option leave if he was not in love and he did. i thought i would die. but i did not. he still remained a great father and friend. In fact i grew stronger and learned even more about love from this experience. So that someone that you know tell her it may feel really bad right now, cry screamm whatever it takes to make her feel better without hurting herself or him physically or emotionally because words do cut and once they are out you can't take them back! Try to wait a couple of days and think things through then talk to him.maybe they can work through this and still be friends like I am now Hope it helps her.younique
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