online shopping

July 24, 2008 11:12pm CST
how wud u rate online shopping on a scale of 10?? buying goods online is an easy way out but you might not get wat was desired in terms of goods involving colors n stuff...air your opinion and rate the system!!
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@IInsanity (290)
• Malaysia
1 Aug 08
i think e-shopping is gonna be the new way to shop now. i bought a few things on9 b4 n i gotta say its not tht bad. its the waiting thts bad. im da type of person who dont like to wait. hehe. i like things rite away. i think shopping online is better than when u shop outside coz for one its definitely cheaper. =) at least the ori price is, til u saw how much is the shipping fee is. must be careful there's a lot of scammers around lookin for fast money. i rate e shoppin....... 6? i stil find some of the sites online dodgy
• United States
25 Jul 08
I enjoy shopping online. Often times you can find better deals when you shop online versus shopping in a store. It's a lot easier to shop a variety of stores online in a shorter amount of time versus knowing what product you want and driving to like 3-4 different stores to compare prices. I have been pretty successful in shopping online in getting just what I wanted. The things I shop for most is books on Amazon because they are A LOT cheaper than buying direct from a bookstore. Usually I am only reading a book once so I don't mind if there are a few bends in the bind or something, or creases in the pages. The only things I am leary about in buying online are clothes. I would prefer to take the time and go out and try them on and see how they fit and if I truely like them. I think it would be too time consuming to order something online, get it in the mail, find out it doesn't fit, and then you have to return it through the mail.