do u belive in the secret??

@amerikag (117)
United States
July 25, 2008 12:08am CST
have you read the book?? or have seen the movie??? Do you use the secret?? do u know the secret???
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@hpklow (110)
• Singapore
25 Jul 08
I've read the book and believe in the Law of Attraction. You must have a positive mind to attract the things you want. You must not even have the slightest negetive thought as it'll just drive and nullify the Law of Attraction. How about you? DO you believe in the secret?
@amerikag (117)
• United States
25 Jul 08
yes as a matted of fact i do
• China
17 Sep 08
Yes.I read the book and have seen the movie.It is great.AND you should practise more,coz the thought we used to is ususal.Look for the positive part,everything will get better and better.
• India
8 Sep 08
postive thinking alone wont do. one needs to act. without action nothing happens on its own the book is good. everything should be coupled with affirmative action. idea, positive thoughts, affirmative actions. evrything should work in unity. just by thinking if we get all that we wanted, we would not have been struggling like this here. first thing here is - commonsense approach. decide what one wants, think of ways how it can be achieved. work on it. it will happen.