What's the precious one in the world???

July 25, 2008 2:21am CST
I know there are many more things in the world that everyone will have a costliest movement, thing, person, life style, work etc etc., in their lives. For me my mom & dad r the costliest and precious persons in this world. They r the gods gift for me. Of course, it's true for many people. But for me they are the best. They worked hard for me all the time. Now i want to work hard for them, then only they will be happy if i did so. It's the every child's responsibility to take care of them. I think every one will have this type of view in their mind. So, please share them with all of us. Share the precious one's not only person but also thing, movement, life style, place of vacation etc., I hope you also happy to remember them......... Have a nice day.........
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