Names for people in your stories?

New Zealand
July 25, 2008 4:25am CST
If you are writing a story, do you try to give your characters interesting names? In everything I write, I try to make all the characters names significant somehow, but not obviously. I don't give my characters names of friends. For example, in one of my stories, one of the characters names is Eddie, he's not a main character, and will probably not actually come into the story, but characters talk about him at times. Eddie was the name of my cat. I give characters names of my ex girlfriends, sounds strange, but it works. I always have a list of names I am going to use in a story. Do you use significant names or just think them up as you write?
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@dagda24 (367)
13 Aug 08
Firstly, great topic. I think names can be the most important part of some stories, and try to make the name fit the character as much as possible. Sometimes the names are derived from words with certain meanings, other times they're just random names that seem to fit the character. Some really good sources for names are: TV/Movie credits Phone book Baby name books Typos. (Seriously, next time you make a typo read it before you correct it, I've created some great names this way).
• United States
26 Jul 08
Nice discussion. I try to make character names unique and memorable as possible. However, I like using guide books to help me figure out the popularity of certain names. For example, I had a character in one of my stories once that was born in the sixties. And I needed to know what names were popular back then. I can't name him something like Shandon because that name was created a few years ago. I guesslike being realistic when it comes to names.
@lyzabelle (1668)
• Philippines
25 Jul 08
Yes, every time i write new story. I always name my new characters interesting names. Sometimes i just pick up random names. Sometimes the names of the characters give justice to the story.
@super_jj (1417)
• Philippines
25 Jul 08
Hi! yep, I usually have a pre-researched name for my characters in my stories. Usually it's names that i like, or names that represent important people in my life. I actually have this ongoing story taht's been playing in my mind since i was in college but i havent really gotten around to actually writing it yet. Iknow the story and my characters all have names and significance already. I just havent got the time to write it. Been busy living my life lately. hehehehe. I hope i could have the time to write it one of these days. Have a nice day!
@Tasche (138)
• Ethiopia
25 Jul 08
That is a very nice question. Sorry I am not writing but I am one of those who are reading and always wonder why we do have to come along with names like "Sullen dan Gorst" or "Gurkhill" - names of the lastest book I read. I prefer common names and I like when authors use them.