I feel bad that I lost a good friend on my lot?

Hello - This for my good friend avid whit , david.
July 25, 2008 6:48am CST
Hello friends, I had made a very good friend on my lot and his name was avid. Few days back my ranking came down low from eighty nine to eighty one, so my star came down. I felt very sad and not coming on my lot as frequently as before. But I was under the impression that he had marked me negative intentionally, because I didn’t know who had marked me so? But still I asked him few times why he had done so? But he mentioned that he had not done so. After that I asked him sorry many times he never spoke to me? Awe! Am regretting about the mistake I did so much, he was the one who would respond to all of my discussions. I don’t know how to tell him sorry, I sent him messages and so many comments.But still he is not responding to me
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@thestar (304)
• Egypt
26 Jul 08
ooh dear friend don't be very tough on your self you just do you have to do and i think he will understand that very soon and you should hold your horses in the next time you can't know who giving you positive or negative one so don't blame others just go on with your work here and it will be fine believe me this what we should do in sites like that best wishes for your new discussions and i promise with good comments and positive rate too .
@padma84 (98)
25 Jul 08
If he is your good friend, he would never have marked you negative.. so give him some time and I am sure he 'll come back to you.you never committed a blunder... just let things cool down....
• India
26 Jul 08
Hello avid this is for you, do see