Did anyone joined Dailyclicks.biz ??

@xsquid (111)
July 25, 2008 7:14am CST
I wonder any member of Dailyclicks.biz here? I'm a member of this PTC site, and recently I notice something fishy, they raised their minimum payout to $25 and also the daily ads serve is increasing. Usually they have 15 - 25 ads, now every they have 50 - 65 ads !! (I have clicked 1 week), my account now is about $17++ but I wonder if this site is paying? way before these adjustment, my friend have recv payment from them, but now he is unsure too... any myLotters is member there? and have been payed recently? What do you think of PTC site which raise the minimum payout? are they scammers?
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• Philippines
25 Jul 08
I'm with this site,but i haven't reach my payout yet. But, for now i've lie lowed in this site when i saw in their terms that you can be paid after 90 days thats quite long enough to wait.
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@mysdianait (64058)
• Italy
25 Jul 08
I requested on 11th May and received my payout on 8th July when it was still at $10 and you can see proof on my blog. I hope you get some more responses aying they have been paid because I know other members her were waiting too. I'm no wanting to believe it is a scam site and I think that's a false rumour and they did pay within the 60 days as it was then. If you are already at $17 then think you should carry on. Good luck!
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• China
25 Jul 08
I believe it is a paying site. But I really don't like waiting
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